About Us

May Group was originally founded as May Advertising in 1946 by the late Richard R. May, in a garage, catering to local firms in and around Fort Worth, Texas.

In 1956 a local oil company asked us to manufacture a changeable pricing system for gasoline advertising. We produced the product and marketed it nationwide, eventually becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum gas price signs and remains so today.

From this foundation, our e-Commerce/Catalog Division emerged. Over the years, we have broadened our product line to serve a variety of markets. In addition, we design, fabricate and manufacture custom signage and visual branding solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Today, we work with some of the world’s largest brands to provide custom printing, fabrication, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution of millions of products annually – all from within our modern 140,000 facility.

May Advertising in 1946 May Group - Today